Best Low Sodium Foods

The food you bring into your home shapes your daily sodium intake. The foundation for any low sodium meal should be fresh meats and vegetables. But you’ll need other ingredients like no salt added spices or low sodium sauces. Plus who doesn’t want the occasional low salt snack!

Below you’ll find some tips and tricks I learned for tracking down the best low sodium food products. Then you will discover a list of over 100 low salt items that I have discovered on my journey to low salt eating. I hope this helps get you started!

Where can you find low sodium groceries?

Finding low sodium products at the grocery store can seem like an impossible task. Inventory varies wildly from store to store. Here are a few tips for trying to find a product in a physical store:

  • Visit the manufacturer’s website. Most national food manufacturers and grocery chains participate in the Destini Product Locator database. So you’ll have a decent shot at finding the product at a retailer near you. Just google the product, visit their website, and look for “where to buy” or “find in store”.
  • Talk to the Manager at the Customer Service Desk at your local grocery store. Be sure to ask for the manager so they can pass along the message to the store buyer. I know it is easier to talk to a regular employee but this well-intentioned individual may get busy and forget to pass along the message. So ask for the manager.
  • Look for store-owned brands. These products, often called generic or private-label brands, are usually the last type of product a store would discontinue because they own the product! Don’t worry about the quality. Typically a generic product is made by a national brand, it just has a different label. So it will be of good quality. And the bonus is, it is cheaper!
  • Shop around. I know this takes time and in many smaller communities, there might only be a single grocery store. But if you have access to a couple of different stores, plan a research trip. Just go to the store and walk up and down the isles looking for products marked “no salt added” or “low sodium”. Be sure to make a list, either on paper or on your phone, of the products you find!

Shop online for low salt products.

I typically buy most of my low sodium food products online. Let’s face it, most grocery stores simply do not carry a big selection of low salt products. For example, I’ve never seen salt- free baking powder in a grocery store. Besides, purchasing online saves me time and eliminates the worry that my local grocer will stop carrying a favorite low sodium item.

I either buy from Amazon (for the free shipping) or buy direct from the manufacturer.

I haven’t completely eliminated trips to my local grocery store because I need fresh meats and produce. Plus there are some products like Aldi’s low sodium bread or Sprouts’ no salt added marinara sauce that I can’t buy online.

Read the Nutrition Label

Always read a product’s nutrition label. Always!

Marketing folks design the packaging so they tout things like “25% less salt” to entice shoppers. While a product may indeed have 25% less sodium, that statement doesn’t tell you how salty the recipe was at the start. For example, Progresso has a “Reduced Sodium” Chicken Noodle soup. The sodium in a can of that soup is over 1,000 mg of sodium! So yes, it is reduced from their main chicken noodle soup but it is not a low sodium product.

Meanwhile, there are a few FDA standards a manufacturer must meet in order to make any of the following claims:

  • “No Salt Added” and “Unsalted” means no salt has been added during processing. Doesn’t mean it is a sodium-free food, just means they didn’t add any salt.
  • “Low Sodium” on a food label means there is 140 mg or less of sodium in a serving.
  • “Very Low Sodium” on a food label means there is 354 mg or less in a serving.
  • “Salt Free” on a food label means there is less than 5mg of sodium in a serving.

Here’s my list of low sodium products…

Below you’ll find a list of about 100 products that are low in sodium. I have them broken up into categories to make it easier to find what you need.

For more information click the product picture or the button under the product name. In many cases, I have linked to a page where you can purchase the product. Other products are linked to the “find a store page” on the product’s website.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy.

I know this isn’t every low sodium product on the market. But I hope this is enough to get you started! I will keep this list updated as I continue to discover new products. If you have an item you want to share, drop it in the comments below or click here to send me a note.


Baked goods have a tremendous amount of hidden sodium that comes from baking powder and baking soda. A single teaspoon of baking soda contains 1,259 mg of sodium! An easy way to cut down on salt while still enjoying a cookie or muffin is to bake with sodium-free products.


From baked beans to refried beans and from hummus to soups, a no salt added bean can be the foundation of a low sodium meal. Yes, you can use dried beans but that can be a time-consuming process since you have to hydrate the beans. No salt added canned beans are an excellent alternative. Check your local store because they may carry a store-brand line of no salt added beans. Sprouts Farmers Market and Walmart each carry a line of generic beans without salt.


Bread seems so innocent, but it is a sneaky source of sodium. When I have time, I like to bake my own no-salt bread. But that isn’t always practical (and it doesn’t last too long because of the lack of salt!). Luckily, there are great options to have bread that won’t throw off your low sodium lifestyle.


Starting off the day with a low sodium breakfast sets you up for success the rest of the day. Sure, on weekends you might have time to whip up pancakes from scratch. But most mornings you need something quick and easy that won’t sabotage your salt intake before 9 a.m.


An unsalted broth can be the foundation of a delicious low sodium meal; from casseroles to soups and beyond, there are seemingly endless ways to leverage these products.


Sometimes what we add to a sandwich or meal can tip the entire dish into unhealthy territory. Condiments are the source of a lot of hidden salt (and sugar!) But there are options available that offer either no added salt or reduced salt.



I can hear comments coming right now from all corners. But trust me, it is possible to find a lower sodium hot dog. Now let’s keep things in perspective. At 260mg of sodium, the Coleman hot dogs aren’t low in sodium but they are significantly lower than traditional hot dogs. Besides, it allows you to have a treat during a summer cookout!








I’ll be honest, this is probably one of the harder categories to track down. Many of the FritoLays products pop up on a store shelf only to disappear later.



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  1. Maria Galifianakis says:

    This is so helpful thank you!

    1. Thanks, Maria! Glad you find the site helpful.

  2. yeah thank you guys. I had problems with high sodium. You dining out tips helped a lot!!

    1. Happy to help you out Dan!

  3. Where do I find most of these products? They look great! My husband just returned from the hospital and is on a 2000mg sodium restriction diet
    Any advice you can give me to facilitate the reorganization of my kitchen and grocery list would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      You can click the title of any product and it will help you locate it. Most are available on Amazon (and the link will take you right to the product page) while others are only available in stores. In that case, the link will take you to the “find a store” page on the manufacturer’s website. You actually have to click on the product text, not the product image. I know that isn’t convenient (or intuitive in any way!) so I’m working on a way to make this page more user-friendly. But in the meantime, clicking the title will work.

      By the way, best of luck to your husband! A 2,000mg sodium diet is totally doable. Here are three quick tips based on my experience: cook at home becuase restaurant food is super salty, read nutrition labels, and purchase plenty of salt-free spices as they add flavor! Reach out to me anytime.

  4. Gary Steffey says:

    Thank you guys for having this site .It’s so helpful your recipes I have tried are very good .Thanks again ,keep up the good work

    1. You are most welcome Gary! Thank you for taking the time to post your kind words. I appreciate it!

  5. Thank you for listing the products. I just started on my low sodium journey and shopping for food was an eye opener. Most of the products you listed are not in the stores, even the big chains.

    1. You are welcome Boney! When I first started eating low sodium it was difficult to find stuff so that’s why I wanted to share the knowledge. Glad it was helpful. (And yes, I do a lot of shopping online because stores do not stock a lot of low sodium products.)

  6. My husband is on a 1500 mg/day low sodium diet and LOVES the Broccoli Chicken Casserole and Baked Chicken with Ritz Crackers! We have those recipes weekly. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Thanks for your website!

    1. Julie, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to write a comment. I’m happy you guys enjoy those two recipes. They are two of my favorites!

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