Who is LoSo Foodie?

Hello and welcome! My name is Mike Riviello and I’m the LoSo Foodie. My mission is to help people ditch the salt to discover the flavor.

At 41 years old, I suffered a stroke as a result of high blood pressure. (I didn’t even know 41-year-olds could have strokes!) You can read the full story of the day my stroke happened here. I had no idea that I had high blood pressure. In fact, the first symptom of my high blood pressure was my stroke.

After surviving that stroke, I committed to improving my personal eating habits. While genetics drives my high blood pressure, eating foods high in salt just makes a bad situation worse. Plus the reality is that we consume way too much salt on a daily basis. We’ve come to believe that salt equals flavor and that just isn’t the case.

The recipes on this site use simple everyday ingredients that are affordable. During my stroke recovery, I quickly became frustrated with YouTube recipe videos and blog posts that used ingredients found at high-end grocers like Whole Foods. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Whole Foods, but that’s not where most people shop. The average person is buying food from stores like Kroger, Food Lion, Aldi, and Walmart.

What is the point of having a low sodium recipe if you can’t afford or don’t have access to the ingredients? My thoughts shifted to a rural family that doesn’t live near a specialty grocery store. And then I began thinking about the hourly worker barely making enough for rent in a big city that might have access to a specialty store but doesn’t have the means to afford “gourmet” ingredients. What are these people supposed to do??

So I was motivated to build losofoodie.com, a collection of recipes that lean heavily on items you can find at a regular supermarket. Yes, you’ll find occasional specialty because sometimes you want a treat. But the core of this site is low salt recipes made with affordable ingredients.

You will never hear me say a “low sodium diet” because, to me, a diet is for a fixed period of time. People typically go on a diet before a vacation or a wedding. This site is about creating a long-term sustainable commitment to a lifestyle of healthy food consumption centered around low sodium ingredients. That’s why you will hear me talk about embracing the low sodium or “LoSo” lifestyle.

One thing I should be very clear about: I am not a dietician or a healthcare professional. The recipes here are low in sodium, but that doesn’t mean fit for your dietary needs. Everyone’s dietary needs are different so you should consult your doctor about what works for you.

I appreciate you stopping by. I hope I can help you build a collection of low sodium recipes that will improve your life. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Together we can ditch the salt to discover the flavor!

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